A hot summer day paragraph

Almost every day has too much heat. I’ve experienced many hot summers in my life. In my country, June and July are two months with the highest temperatures. People don’t want to go out during these times. They prefer staying inside a cool place.

Kids are very hot during summertime. Umbrellas are used by people to protect themselves from the sun. Ponds and canals are dry because there isn’t enough rain. The sun shines with full force. Everyone tries to escape the heat.

People should wear light white and cotton clothing during the summer because it is very hot. The nights are also too hot and make people feel uncomfortable.

A Hot Summer Day Essay Example 1

Summertime is a time when people get lazy and sluggish. People enjoy the cool weather but hate the heat. The sun rises early in the morning and sets late at night. Twilight is a beautiful time of day. Birds sing during this time of day.

In the morning, people feel cold because of the night temperature. As the day progresses, the temperature increases. By noon, the sun is extremely hot. People try to stay inside their homes or offices. Many farmers stop working in the field. People wear light clothing and use fans, air conditioners and desert coolers. Some people even go to the office.

People go back to work after the hot day. They enjoy iced drinks and ice cream. Ice cream is the most popular drink in the world.

Essay On A Hot Summer Day Example 2

In India, it is very warm during the months of May and June. People stay inside and avoid going out. On the 24th of June, it was the hottest day of this year. The sky was clear, but there was no movement in the atmosphere. Everyone sweated from head to toe.

People feel thirsty because there is no water available. Most of them take shelter under the air conditioner. Some of them use hand fans. No one feels comfortable. There is no traffic on the road. A general cry for rain is heard. Everyone seems to be tired of life now.

Essay On A Hot Summer Day Example 3

The sun rises and sets every day. During the summer, the sun is at its highest point in the sky. This makes it hard to stay inside because you’ll be sweating. You feel like you’re going to die if you don’t get some air.

Birds are always happy during the morning hours. They sing songs and enjoy the beauty of nature. The birds’ chirping sounds are enchanting. The birds’ songs are very pleasing to the ears. The birds’ songs seem to be enchanting.

Summer is the hottest season in India. It is especially difficult for people who work outdoors. They need to stay indoors and use air conditioning or fans. There are many cases of heatstroke. Many people die due to heatstroke.

Poor people suffer most during the summer because they do not have air conditioning. They have to work hard in the heat. They also have to pay more money for electricity and water. Some even have to spend extra money on cooling off rooms.

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