A Day At The Beach Short Paragraph

Visiting sea beach is always exciting and fun. I love to go there a lot. In our county, there are many beaches. As a person who lives in Goa, I’m so lucky that I can visit beautiful beaches there any time. People visit the beach for leisure time with some fun. There are really cool breezes there that will make people cheerful and keep their minds calm. Seas help them to become broader minded and think bigger. That’s why everyone should visit the beaches.

A few weeks ago I went there with some of my friends. We spent our weekend there. The sea was so still and the water was clear. The day was sunny, and warm. Lots of people were there on this beach.

The cool breeze feels refreshing. People wear shorts and t-shirts while sitting on the beach. The ocean looks calm and beautiful. Few ships are far from the shore.

We spent around 3 hours there. Lots of People came there with their favorite Persons to Spend a Good Time. Short Paragraph on A Day at the Beach.

A Day At The Beach Essay Example 1

A beach is a place where you can enjoy the sun, play games, swim, surf, and relax. There are many beautiful beaches in India. You should go to them if you want to spend some time relaxing.

Before we reached the beach, we bought caps and swimming dresses. When we reached the shore, we were so excited because everyone was having fun. We played with sand. The beach had many trees around it. It was very clean. My mother sat under a tree and read a book. My sister went to play with the ocean. We splashed water on eachother and enjoyed the sea waves as they made us go up and down. When we returned, I built a sandcastle with my sister. We also collected seashells on the beach and decorated the castle with them too.

We bought fruits on the beach, and also drank coconut water. When it was evening we saw the setting sun, and it looked like the sun was coming inside the sea. We had taken a lot of photos of this scene. The beaches became more splendid when the skies turned red. After six pm, we went to the change room and bathed and changed our clothes because guards didn’t let us stay on the beach after sunset, and we came back to our hotel. We all talked about our day, and we were all so happy because the day had been well spent.

A Day At The Beach Example 2

A beach is a place where you can enjoy yourself by relaxing and having fun. You can also go there with your family or friends to spend time together.

People from all ages, young or old, go to the beach in large numbers. My parents visited a beach last summer.

 People enjoy the beach because of the beautiful scenery and the nice weather.

A person should always wear sunscreen when going into the sun. Sand castles are fun but dangerous. Kids should be careful while playing in the sand. When you go near the ocean, make sure you use sunscreen.

My parents were worried about me because they thought I might drown. I waved to them to let them know I was okay. I paddled to the shore while keeping my body straight and my arms in place. I surfed towards the beach like an experienced surfer.

The beauty of the ocean was breathtaking. My hair blew across my face as the breeze blew by. The sun came out just before dawn, making its presence known. The smell of the ocean filled my nose. The sand was covered with coral, with a collection of different types of seashells. All of them had their own unique shapes, sizes and colors.

I went to the beach today. There were many people there. Some were playing volleyball, others were swimming, and some were sunbathing. A Day At The Beach Example 3

I went to the beach today. I took my camera along because I wanted to take some pictures. I also brought my sketch pad and pencils. I was hoping to get some inspiration while I was there. I saw lots of interesting things. I saw people playing volleyball, jumping into the water, and walking around. I also saw lots of different types of birds flying around. I saw many kinds of fish swimming in the ocean. There were also lots of shells lying on the sand. I saw a lot of interesting things. I hope you enjoyed reading this essay as much as I did writing it.

A Day At The Beach Example 4

The beach is best spent with your friends and family. You should enjoy the water and its transition from a hectic day to a peaceful night. The beach is best enjoyed when you’re alone or with your loved ones.

I went to the beach today. It was a long day. I had fun playing volleyball and swimming. I also enjoyed watching the surfers catch waves. There were many people there, but we didn’t talk much. We mostly played games or just sat around. I got sunburned because I spent too much time in the water. My skin felt hot when I came out of the ocean. I took a lot of pictures of my friends. 

There are many dangers of going to the beach. 

  • For example, there is the danger of drowning. 
  • Also, there is the danger that you may be attacked by sharks or jellyfish. 
  • There is also the danger of getting sunburned. 
  • Another danger is that you could get sick because of the germs that are floating around.
  •  Finally, there is the danger from falling off of the cliffs into the ocean.

 All of these things are very dangerous, but I think that the most dangerous thing about going to the beach is that you may fall in love. This is because if you fall in love then you might never want to leave the beach. You might even forget about your parents and friends and stay at the beach forever. So, I think that the most important thing about going to the beaches is that you should try to remember what is really important in life.

Traveling is enjoyable as it gives us the opportunity to meet new people and explore different cultures. This is why people travel all over the world. People also love to play on the beaches and enjoy the beauty of nature. When people go to the beach they can collect shells and decorate them. People can also make sandcastles and compete with others. People can win prizes by making the best sandcastles.

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