A Day At The Beach Paragraph Writing

A Day At The Beach Essay

A beach is an area of water surrounded by sand or small stones. I visited the beach with my family and had a great time. I always wanted to go there because it is fun.

Before we reached the beach, I bought caps and swimming dresses. At the beach, I was excited because everyone was enjoying themselves. I played with sand. The beach had many trees around it, and it was very clean! 

My mother sat under a tree and read a book. My sister and I went to play in the sea. We splashed water on each other and enjoyed the sea waves as they made us go up and down. We came back after some time. Then you built a sandcastle and collected shells on the shore and decorated the castle with them!

A Day At The Beach Essay Example 1

Visiting the beach is fun and exciting. People enjoy visiting the beaches a lot. There are many beaches in India. People visit them to spend their leisure time. Everyone goes there to have some fun and happiness. 

Cool and good breezes help people to be broad minded and think bigger. You must visit the beach if you want to get rid of stress and relax yourself.

A few weeks ago, I went there with some of my friends. I had a great time there. The sea was so still and the water was so clear and deep blue. There were many people on the beach. The weather was sunny and warm. We spent around three hours there. Lots of people came there with their favorite people to have a great time. 

A Day At The Beach Essay Example 2

Beaches are places where you can enjoy the sun, sea, and sand. People go there to escape from their busy lives. 

Sometimes, people go there with their families or friends. The cool breeze, pleasant weather, the waves, the wet sand, and the view of the horizon make beaches very attractive.

People of all ages, young or old, go to the beach in large numbers. My parents visited a beach last summer.

The ocean is beautiful and calm. People enjoy going to the beach. They soak up the sun and feel relaxed. Boats sail in the deep waters.

Diving Into The Water

As the white sand burned under your feet, you took a deep breath of clean air. You put the sunscreen on your body and ran towards the ocean. There were small children nearby who were building sand castles and throwing sand at each other. I saved myself from the sand balls being thrown in the air and started rushing closer to the waters where waves were crashing.

A Possible Mishap Prevented

My parents got a bit worried when they saw me swimming alone in the ocean. I waved my arms up and down to show them that I was okay. I kept my hands in place and paddled as fast as I could. I surfed towards the shore like an expert.


All in all, the experience was amazing and thrilling. My parents and I enjoyed it to the full. We were happy to be back home in the evening. But my dad promised me that he would take me to the beach again soon.

A Day At The Beach Essay Example 3

Traveling is usually a pleasant experience. It is an enjoyable activity that almost everyone loves. It is the best way to enjoy life with our friends or families. I love traveling and visiting many places. One of my favorite places to visit is the beach! 

It feels so fresh, cold and relaxing. I enjoy playing in it, building sand castles. It is the most amazing place to enjoy time with friends and family. Once, I went to a beach in Kerala along with my cousin and family. 

My cousins and I held our hands together and walked towards the sea. Each time the waves washed our legs. You can really enjoy it a lot when you travel to the beach. 

My sister and I chose a good place under a tree. We enjoyed the cool weather while taking a walk on the beach together.

We love walking on the beach. The sound of the ocean makes us feel relaxed and calm. We love taking photos of the beautiful scenery. We enjoy sitting down and listening to the sounds of nature.

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