5 Sentences On Ice Cream

Ice-cream is simply frozen milk or water with added flavors. There are many different types of ice-cream. For example, vanilla flavor, strawberry flavor, chocolate flavor, mango flavor, lichee flavor, etc. Ice-cream is very popular among children.

Lines On Ice Cream For Class Example 1

1. Ice cream is a popular food all over the world. 

2. Kids love this food because it is tasty. Adults also enjoy eating ice cream. 

3. There are many kinds of flavors in ice cream. 

4. Different flavors include vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, etc.

Ice creams are made by mixing together milk, sugar, vanilla extract, eggs, and flavoring. It is usually served cold, but it can be heated up if you want. 

 People around the world love eating ice cream because it tastes great. Ice cream is delicious! Everyone loves it!

Sentences On Ice Cream Example 2

Vanilla ice cream is the most popular flavor among children. Mango ice cream is also very popular. Litchi ice cream is also very delicious. Strawberry ice cream is also very tasty. Chocolate ice cream is also very yummy.

Ice cream is a very delicious treat. Kids love to enjoy this tasty dessert. My brother and I both love ice cream too. Butterscotch is my favorite flavor. We always enjoy it together at noon everyday.

Ice cream is delicious! You should try making your own ice cream! Ice cream is very common in the world. It is extremely cheap to buy and it tastes great. I love eating ice-cream, and I think it is a fascinating thing for me.

Sentences On Ice Cream Example 3

Ice cream is a frozen sweet food made out of milk or cream. My favourite ice creams are vanilla and chocolate. I like them both equally. They come in different colors. 

In the summer, I love going to an ice cream parlor with my dad. He likes mango ice cream, and I like pineapple. My mom makes orange ice bars at our house.

The Persians invented ice cream in the 5th century BC. Ice cream has become a popular dish among people. There are five big ice cream shops in my city.

Sentences On Ice Cream Example 4

Ice cream is a delicious treat enjoyed by people around the world. It is also used as an ingredient in many other desserts. In this article, we will discuss some interesting facts about ice cream.

It was invented by the Persians.

Ice cream is a frozen sweet food made out of water, milk, and sugar. Chocolate ice cream is taken as the most popular flavor.

Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and mango are very popular among children. They also like making ice cream. You can also buy ice cream at any grocery store or supermarket.

Sentences On Ice Cream Example 5

Ice cream is very popular all over the world. Chocolate, mango, vanilla, and strawberry are the most popular flavors. Butterscotch and blueberry are my favorites.

My mom makes ice cream at home, and she loves it. She says sweet flavors of ice cream make her feel happy and vanish the sadness. Ice cream is cheap, but expensive too.

Ice cream is a dessert made up of different ingredients and cream. There are many different toppings for ice cream, including peanuts, roasted nuts, and sprinkles. 

Ice cream can be bought in cups or cones. Every day, an ice cream man visits my town and sells me ice cream.

He keeps many different kinds of ice cream. Ice cream is very affordable, while some flavors are expensive. There is a famous ice cream shop in our town, and I go there every Sunday. Everyone loves ice cream, regardless of their age.

Sentences On Ice Cream Example 6

Vanilla ice cream is a type of ice cream made by freezing milk, sugar, and flavoring until solid. Ice cream is a very popular dessert.


Frozen desserts were invented by the Persians around 550 BC. Ice cream was first introduced to Italy by Marco Polo, who learned of it during his travels in China. Sorbet was first introduced to Italy.

Ice and snow were used as cooling agents in ancient times. In Japan, snow was used to make beverages. 

Hippocrates criticized chilled drinks for causing fluxes of the stomach. Despite this, ice and snow were prized ingredients in ancient cuisine.

Ice cream was invented when people discovered how to lower the freezing temperature of milk. This allowed them to make ice cream. Before this, cream could only stay cold, but not frozen. 

People added salt to milk to help it freeze, and then they found out that adding salt lowers the melting point of ice. This helped them make ice cream.

North America And England

Ice cream was first made in America by the Quakers. Ice cream was brought over by the settlers who had come to America. It was popular among the presidents. First lady Dolley Madison served ice cream at her husband’s inauguration ball.

Ice cream was first made in England in 1846 by Agnes Marshall. In America, Nancy Johnson invented the first hand-crank freezer in 1847. Vanilla ice cream was the most popular flavour in both countries.

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