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Clock is a significant device. Humans use it to know the time; without it, we couldn’t understand what time is. The Hour hand is the slowest, and the second hand is the fastest.

Clocks that move in and out of motion are called oscillating clocks. Pendulums are used in these clocks to make them work.

Definition Of Clock

A clock is a device used to measure time. Clocks are devices that indicate or measure time. A clock is also called an instrument for measuring time. A clock is a device that indicates or measures time. A clock is an instrument for measuring time, and it works with time constraints.

A race against the clock is when you play a game continuously for 24 hours. You must try to score more points than your opponent.

Smartwatches are devices that help you manage your life by keeping up with your schedule, communicating with friends, and staying connected to the world around you.

5 Sentences About Clock In English Example 1

We use the clock to see the time. There are many kinds of clocks available in the market. A watch is common in every house, school, or office.

A clock is an electronic device that tells you what time it is. Clocks are used to tell time. They help us to know when things happen. We use them to 

  • Set appointments.
  • Plan events. 
  • Measure time. 
  • Count down time. 
  • As alarms.
  • Remind us of something. 
  • To tell time.

A clock is an object used to measure time. There are many types of clocks, such as wall clocks, wristwatches, alarm clocks, kitchen timers, and computer clocks. Clocks tell us what time it is by showing the current hour, minute, and second. In addition to telling time, clocks also display the date and sometimes other information about the day or week.

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5 Lines About Clock In English Example 2

A clock is an instrument used to measure time. It shows the current time by displaying hours, minutes, and seconds.

A clock is an instrument that tells you what time it is. It is beneficial because, without a clock, you wouldn’t be able to tell what time it is. Old times’ sundials and water clocks are instruments that help people to know what time it is.

Clocks use mechanical parts to show time. There are many kinds of clocks available in the markets today. Different types of clocks have additional features. Some clocks have more than three hands. The fastest hand is usually the second hand, and the slowest hand is the hour hand.

Digital clocks help us maintain our routine by displaying the time digitally. We cannot imagine a day without a digital clock.

5 Lines On Clock For Class 5,6 Example 3

The clock came from the Latin word ‘cloaca.’ People used to guess the times by looking at the Sun. Then the clock was created, and now it’s straightforward to tell the times. The oldest clock in existence is the sundial clock.

Ancient people used water clocks to measure time. This was done by using water as an indicator. The water level rose when the Sun came up and fell when the Sun went down.

The Earth rotates around the Sun once every 24 hours. This means there are 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness each day. There are also two equal periods of night and day. Clocks help people to know what time it is. Clock times are significant to people.

There are many kinds of clocks. Some are analog, some digital, and some use both.

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Lines On Clock For Class Example 4

The clock has an ancient history. Leonardo da Vinci invented it. He made it out of wood and glass. The clock was used to tell time.

A clock is an object that tells us what time it is. There are many kinds of clocks. Clocks tell us the time by using a pendulum or a spring mechanism. The earliest known clock was made around 700 BC. Chinese invented it. It was called a water clock because it needed a water source to work. People use clocks to know when to go to bed, eat lunch, get up, etc.

A clock is an object that tells you when something happens. People use a clock to tell them what time it is. Clocks help people to know what time it is. People need clocks because they want to know what time it is.

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The clock has a solid historical background. Different kinds of clocks existed at different times. The Egyptians and the Greeks invented the clock.

Analog clocks are used as a reference point for measuring time. Digital clocks are more precise than analog ones. People prefer digital clocks to show time and date with digits instead of hands.

Boys and girls use wristwatches to show the time. World clocks are divided into different parts. Different parts of the world are shown on a world clock.

Clocks are essential things in our lives. We use them every day to tell time. There are many different types of clocks available today. Digital clocks have become more popular than analog ones. Clocks help us to maintain our daily schedules.

Clocking out means leaving work early. You clock out when you finish your job. You clock out when your shift ends. You clock out when the store closes. You clock out when time runs out. You clock out when it’s quitting time.

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