5 lines on books in english for class 4,5,6,7,8,9

1. Books make us wiser. 

2. Reading books is fun. 

3. It is important to develop a habit of reading books. 

4. It is essential to read books regularly.

 5. A person who reads books is intelligent.

6. I have got a library in my house. Sometimes I borrow books from the library. 

7. I found out that reading helps you become more positive.

 8. It improves your imagination power. 

9. Everyone should possess this habit. 

10. Reading books makes you happy.

Lines On Book For Class Example 1

1. A person who reads books is better than those who do not read books.

 2. There are fewer people who know how to read books than those who do not know how to read books.

 3. If you want to be a good reader, you must read more books.

Reading books regularly helps people gain knowledge and improve their writing skills. People who read books regularly also become good speakers and writers.

If you read fiction you will improve your imagination. Imagination is important because it helps us imagine things we couldn’t see or touch. This makes our life more interesting. 

Reading is an inspiration for me. When I am reading something about my passion, I feel excited and motivated to do something good.

Books are the best source of inspiration for writers. Writers read a lot of books. They should also be careful about what they read. They shouldn’t waste their time.

Lines On Book For Class Example 2

1. I am a book-lover and I love reading books! 

2. Reading books improves our thinking and understanding. 

3. Regular readers’ minds are sharp and they can think and understand better than non-readers.

 4. If you want to keep your brain healthy, you should read more books. 

5. Books are very important to me because they help me to learn new things, improve my thinking and understanding and also make me smarter. 

6. I enjoy reading books because they are fun and interesting. 

7. I recommend people to read books as much as possible. 

8. I always carry a book with me wherever I go. 

9. I hope that everyone reads books regularly.

 10. I believe that everyone should read books regularly.

Business books inspire me to work harder and get better results. I also read many books about business topics such as marketing, sales, finance, etc.

Students should read something that enriches their knowledge and lets them know something more. Books like National Geographic Journal could be good choices. They should read lots and lots of fiction too. Fiction is always interesting and everybody will be attracted to it while reading it. 

We all know about Harry Potter. That’s a great fiction and story book. Most of the kids really love reading this. Even me was a fan when I used to be a kid.

 If you are stressed or depressed, then you should read books. It helps to reduce stress. It creates a positive mind set. Imagination is the most important thing in filmmaking. 

If you want to be a filmmaker, then you need to read lots and lots of books. When reading something, you can visualize that in your brain. This increases your imagination power and creativity

Books are great! You should read them as often as possible.

Lines On Importance Of Books For Children And Students Example 3

Books are very important in our lives. We should read them every day for a few hours. This helps us to enrich ourselves by learning new things.

Books are important because they help us learn new things.

1) Books are our lifelong friend.

 2) Reading books help us in sharpening our memories. 

3) They enlighten us about our past events.

4) Reading books helps in getting relieved from stress.

5) Books are the source of worldwide knowledge.

6) Reading books helps in focusing on our goals.

7) Books help students in scoring well in exams.

 8) Reading books aids us in learning skills.

9) Books help explore new facts and get better ideas. 

10) Books are the best forms of entertainment.

Lines On Books Example 4

1) Reading books gives us fun and pleasure.

 2). Books help us in learning skills. 

3) Books give us new ideas, facts, information.

 4) Books develop our imagination and creativity. 

5) Books help us in understanding the world.

6) Reading books daily builds up our vocabulary.

 7) Books enhance our writing and language skills and help us in learning new words. 

8) Books bring you out of your loneliness and stress. 

9 ) You can increase your concentration power by reading books. 

10) Books enrich us in good values, ethics, life lessons. 

Advancement of technology and development of computers and smartphones have reduced the habit of people to read books. We must develop the habit of getting information easily on the internet. Instead of taking the pain to go through books, we should learn to love to read books.

Lines On Books Example 5

Books are important parts of our lives. They are stepping stones towards knowledge. They enhance our minds with knowledge and good thoughts. We are inevitably dependent on books at every step of our lives, be it in physical or digital form, books enhance our mind with knowledge. 

Books are very important. They give us knowledge and entertainment. They help us to be more cultured. They take us to different places. We have never seen before, feel high, and imagine a new world. If you want to choose your best friend, then a book is the best choice. 

Because books can provide us companionship in our best and worst times. They also teach us lessons.

Books are important because they teach you new things. You learn about history, science, geography, math, etc.

 Books broaden our vision, and expand our interest in all fields. Reading books helps us to develop our vocabulary. The basic sorts are poems, dramas, novels, histories, short stories, etc., and reading them helps us appreciate the lifestyles and cultures of different countries of the whole world.

ISBNs are codes that identify books. Books help people develop skills such as critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and problem solving. Paper made of goat skin was used by the Romans.

Books are an important part of human life. We read them to learn new things, to understand ourselves better, and to improve ourselves.

Lines On Books Example 6

Students learn about books by reading them. Books improve our cognitive ability, prevent cognitive decline, increase confidence, and make us empathetic. Books also help to alleviate symptoms of depression. Books are a great resource of knowledge and entertainment. Books inspire students to do better for themselves and for the country.

Books help us develop an understanding of other people’s feelings and thoughts. This makes reading books beneficial to our mental and physical health. Reading books also improves your vocabulary as you read more words.

Papyrus was used by the Egyptians as their writing surface. A bookmobile was a horse-driven vehicle designed to distribute books among the rural population. Adults reading literature every day were more than twice as likely to do charity or volunteer activity and almost twice as likely to participate in sports.

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