400 Word Personal Statement Examples

During their admission process, students often face the daunting task of writing a personal essay about themselves. This is an important part of applying to a college or university because it allows admissions officers to get to know you better. 

Your personal statement should tell them what kind of student you are, what your goals are, and how you plan to achieve those goals. It also gives them insight into your personality, interests, and strengths.

There are many types of essays that students need to write throughout their academic career. One of them is your personal statement. A personal statement is a short piece of writing that explains why the student wants to study at a particular university. 

It should explain what the student loves about studying there, what he/she hopes to achieve while studying there, and what skills he/she needs to gain during his/her studies. 

Writing a personal statement requires a lot of research and planning. If you’re not sure what to write about, you can always read some amazing personal statement examples online. You’ll get inspiration from them and then come up with your own ideas.

What To Write In A Personal Statement or College

A college application essay is an opportunity for you to tell your story and share why you are the best candidate for the program. 

  • You should write about what you learned during your time at high school and how that experience prepared you for the next step. 
  • Your essay should also highlight any extracurricular activities you participated in while attending high school. These activities will help demonstrate your leadership skills and commitment to the community. 
  • Finally, you should describe your goals and aspirations after graduating from high school.

 If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to write a compelling personal statement that shows why you deserve admission to the program you are applying to. 

  • Personal statements should be written in the first person, using an active voice. 
  • Start with a clear thesis statement that explains what you are trying to accomplish. 
  • Then, provide supporting details about yourself. 
  • Finally, end with a strong conclusion that highlights your accomplishments and skills. Use specific examples to illustrate your points.

The following graduate school personal statement examples can help you understand how to write your own.

What To Include In A Personal Statement Example For College

Writing a great college essay requires time and effort. If you want to get admitted to your dream school, then you need to spend time writing an effective personal statement. 

A well written personal statement will help you stand out among other applicants. It should engage the reader and leave them wanting more. You may even want to consider using a professional writer to polish your paper.

You should include some important points in your statement. These are the reasons why you’re a suitable candidate for the job. 

You also need to show your uniqueness compared to others. Your long term and short term goals are also very important.

You may think that you already know what you want to say about yourself. But if you really want to stand out, you need to put yourself in the best possible light. Here are some tips to help you write an effective personal statement.

A personal essay is an important part of your application because it shows what kind of student you are. 

  • You need to show that you are a responsible individual and that you will benefit from this scholarship. Your essay needs to be well written and organized so that it stands out among all the other essays.
  • Make sure to write about yourself and not someone else. If you do choose to write about someone else, make sure to give them credit for their contribution.

A personal statement must be organized, focused, relevant, authentic, clear, and concise. If you follow these guidelines, then you will have no trouble writing a personal statement.

How To Structure A Personal Statement

A personal statement should have an impact. It should showcase you as a multifaceted individual. In addition to showing why you want to attend, it’s also important to show why you’re the best fit for the program. Therefore, a personal essay should address three things: 

  • Why do you want to attend? 
  • How you’re supremely qualified. 
  • How you’ll go on to achieve greatness after graduation.

A common theme in essays is overcoming adversity. You may write about significant personal achievements while also highlighting your diversity. You aren’t just writing about why you want to apply to a particular school. You’re explaining why they’d benefit from having someone like yourself in their program.

Graduate Education Program Admissions Template

This is an ideal example of a personal statement for a graduate school application. You can see that it includes a few key elements:

1) A clear introduction that explains why you’re applying to the program.

2) An outline of your academic history.

3) A description of your goals and aspirations.

4) A summary of your skills and experiences.

5) A list of references.

6) A conclusion that summarizes everything you’ve written.

Personal Statement Example For Computer Science

A good personal statement for computer science majors requires a lot of effort. You need to consider your strengths and weaknesses, your goals and interests, and what you want to achieve in life. If you are not sure concerning any of those points, then you can always ask someone else to review your statement. But even if you aren’t sure about anything, there are still ways to create a great statement.

  • Write about your technical skills. Focus on your accomplishments and interests. Your statement reflects you. 
  • Explain your future goals and what you plan to achieve. 
  • Write in a positive manner. Talk about your hobbies and extracurricular activities and how they are relevant to your career. 
  • Try to follow these guidelines and write a compelling statement for computer science. 

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