21st February International Mother Language Day Paragraph

Canada Example 1

International Mother Language Day was first recognized in Canada in 2014. On this day, we celebrate our languages and cultures. We also remember those who lost their lives because of language barriers.

When Is Bangladesh Language Martyrs’ Day? Example 2

This major public holiday in Bangladesh celebrates the martyrdom of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on February 21, 1975. He was assassinated by Pakistani military intelligence officers.

History of Bangladesh Language Martyrs’ Day

The Dominion of Pakistan was created in 1947 when India was divided into two parts. The eastern part became known as the Dominion of Pakistan. The western part became known as the Republic of India. 

The western part wanted to use Urdu as the official language, but the eastern part didn’t want this. The eastern part started protesting, and eventually the western part took over.

Students were protesting because they wanted freedom. When the police tried to enforce Section 144, the students protested. The police then started shooting at them. Four protestors died.

Bengali was recognized as an official language of Pakistan in 1956. The Pakistani constitution was changed to include the recognition of Urdu and Bengali. 

East Pakistan became independent in 1971, becoming Bangladesh, but the new country retained the name Pakistan.

How Is Bangladesh’s Language Martyrs’ Day Celebrated?

A monument was built in memory of the victims of the massacre. The memorial is called Shaheed Minar (martyrs’ monument). The memorial is located in front of the statue. People come here to remember the dead.

On the day, national flags will be flown at half-mast in government, semi-government, and private organizations. TV channels will broadcast special programs, and newspapers may publish special supplements for the occasion.

International Mother Language Day Example 3

Bangladeshis are very proud of their language. Every year on February 21st, they celebrate  International Mother Language Day. In 2020, the country will celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. The prime minister speaks about the importance of preserving the language.

Short Paragraph On International Mother Language Day Example 4

International Mother Language Day is an annual celebration observed on February 21 by UNESCO. It is celebrated as a tribute to the cultural diversity of the world and as a call for respect for linguistic diversity and multilingualism. It was first officially recognized in 1975.

International Mother Language Day was established by UNESCO in 1984 as an annual event to promote respect for languages and linguistic diversity. 

 People also commemorate the day by paying tribute to those who died in wars or other conflicts.

International Mother Language Day Paragraph  Example 5

On February 21st, we celebrate the day of the martyrs who died for the mother tongue. This day is also known as “International Mother Language Day”.

 In 1952, Pakistan made Urdu the official language of the country. But the people protested this decision. So, they took up arms and started fighting for their mother tongue.

 Their struggle ended in bloodshed. Finally, Bangla became the national language. UNESCO declared February 21st as International Mother Language Day in 1999. 

Since then, this day has been celebrated around the world. People come together to remember those who sacrificed their lives for their mother language.

Flowers are offered at the Martyrs’ Monument, and colorful processions take place. Societies organize different events to mark this day. Everyone gets excited about this day.

International Mother Language Day Paragraph Example 6

A mother tongue means a language through which people express their ideas, thoughts, and feelings clearly. On the 21st of February every year, we celebrate the birth anniversary of the language martyrs. 

We also observe the day as an occasion to pay homage to those who fought for the cause of the language. Our government declared the day as the International Mother Language Day. It is a matter of great pride that the day got international recognition in the year 1999.

International Mother Language Day Paragraph Example 7

21st February is a red letter day in the history of the nation. It is also an important mourning day for us. This day reminds us of our linguistic movement and the sacrifice of our heroic sons. Now we celebrate this day every year as International Mother Language Day.

UNESCO declared the day in November 1999. In 1952, Pakistan tried to impose Urdu as the state language. They tried to take away our mother tongue, then our heroic sons of Bangladesh sacrificed their blood and lives to establish Bangla as the state language.

 On this day, we pay homage to the Shaheed Minar with flowers to show our respect for their sacrifice. All government and government organizations bring out rallies very early in the morning. 

Singing songs, they go to Shaheed Miner. All classes of people come to Shaheed Miner with flowers to show respect. So the day and the language martyrs will be forever remembered in the history of our Bengal nation.

International Mother Language Day Paragraph Example 8 

On February 21st, we celebrate International Mother Language Day. This day was declared by UNESCO in 1999. People around the world celebrate this day by learning and teaching their mother language.

Mother Language Day is celebrated on February 21st in Bangladesh. The police opened fire on a student procession on the Dhaka University campus on February 21, 1952. 

Students and other citizens protested against the government’s decision to make Urdu the sole official language of Pakistan. As a result, many protesters were shot dead by the police. These deaths became known as the “Dhaka Massacre.” 

Many more were injured. The massacre led to widespread protest across East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). 

The students and citizens of East Pakistan demanded that Bangla be recognised as an official language alongside Urdu. This eventually led to the creation of Bangladesh as a separate country in 1971.

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