100 sentences of past continuous tense

I am looking for examples of past continuous tenses. These are some of them.

  1. There was a problem with my television.
  2. We were celebrating a festival.
  3. I was eating dinner when she came to my place.
  4. I was cooking when she called me.
  5. I was studying when he cooked.
  6. I was reading when she came to my room.
  7. For a period of two months, he did not view any movies.
  8. I was traveling my way to my destination by train.
  9. At seven o’clock, we were brandishing guns.
  10. He was washing the dishes when it rained.
  11. They weren’t currently studying classes in English.
  12. Buying a new smartphone had become a priority for Dona.
  13. She was watering the garden when he came home.
  14. I was watching TV when she came to my house.
  15. After school, they were playing hoops together.
  16. He was eating food.
  17. They were going to the library.
  18. I wasn’t writing a letter.
  19. The rain was raining tonight.
  20. She wasn’t watching the movie.
  21. I was playing computer games when she called me.
  22. I was doing homework when she asked me to come home.
  23. The instructor was teaching in a class.
  24. The dog was barking a guy.
  25. She had decided not to attend the get-together.
  26. My dad was going to London.
  27. Today, they were not speaking in English.
  28. The sky was clear and the sun was out.
  29. I was studying the other night!
  30. I was watching TV when you were watching TV.
  31. They were going.
  32. They were studying math.
  33. While my father was fixing the Car, I watched him.
  34. While my mother was preparing Dinner, I went out.
  35. Why was Gregor thinking about Emmas Beauty? He didnt have any idea.
  36. Why were you talking about this Problem to Me?
  37. Yesterday at this Time, It was Snowing Lightly.
  38. You had not been Studying English All Day.
  39. I was practicing my English.
  40. I practiced my English.
  41. They were going to market.
  42. He was playing a break from football to do something else.
  43. I was watching a movie.
  44. She was talking to the fact that you were her subject.
  45. The classroom was coming up with eager students.
  46. We were both in tears at the same time, and he was laughing through it.
  47. I was eating an orange.
  48. Last night, you were in front of the television.
  49. Alex noticed me when I was playing football.
  50. At home, my father wasn’t cooking dinner when I got there.
  51. My sister was studying her Science test all nite.
  52. As she was reading the book, Alice appeared.
  53. At seven o’clock, they were waving firearms.
  54. She phoned when I was watching television.
  55. When you noticed that I was watching television.
  56. The day before yesterday, they were doing math.
  57. They weren’t going.
  58. He was cooking while I was studying.
  59. He was washing the dishes when it was raining.
  60. My sister was studying at the library.
  61. She had not been working all day so she was lively.
  62. I wasn’t striking the appropriate notes.
  63. There was no singing this morning from Isabel who typically does this.
  64. You were studying chemistry all day yesterday.
  65. You were watching television yesterday night.
  66. It seemed like she was constantly coming a few minutes late for meetings.
  67. When I first met her, she was dancing.
  68. It was not eating a strawberry a few minutes ago.
  69. While I was glued to the tube, it began to drizzle.
  70. I was not taking a shower.
  71. I was shaking the bottle when it collapsed.
  72. Jonathan was not talking anymore since he had a shattered heart.
  73. Last night, about   p.m., I was eating down to supper with my family and friends.
  74. The earthquake was alarming all of us.
  75. The ground was covered with snow. For many hours, it had been heavily snowing.
  76. I was studying the other night.
  77. I was grasping the lecture last week.
  78. Your destination was .
  79. You were staying at home.
  80. He was watering the flowers.
  81. He was working when I phoned him.
  82. They were going to the cinema last Saturday.
  83. They were going.
  84. No one in the class was eating their bananas.
  85. They were having coffee when I came.
  86. The phone rang as I was taking a bath.
  87. While you were talking, the cops were hot on his tail.
  88. I was eating apples.
  89. I was eating lunch when you came.
  90. I was eating breakfast.
  91. I was studying German last year.
  92. I had not been cooking any dinner when she got to my house.
  93. I was coming from school when my mum was watering the garden.
  94. Frank didn’t give a damn about what was happening to his daughter.
  95. Had her daughter been eating anything all day?
  96. Were the children laughing?
  97. There was no singing from the vocalists.
  98. When the instructor walked into the classroom, the children were busy creating stunning artwork.
  99. Last night it began to drizzle.
  100. When he discovered her, it wasn’t yet completely dark.
  101. Was she dancing with you?
  102. Was she reading the book when they came?
  103. A call came in as I was washing the dishes.
  104. He phoned when I was watching a football game on TV.
  105. She was studying when I spotted her.
  106. Sophie was laughing as Steve cracked joke after joke at her expense.
  107. We were not doing homework.
  108. We had no intention of going swimming.
  109. We were sipping tea.
  110. As we were eating down on our meal, our buddies arrived.
  111. Was it raining last night?
  112. Was it raining last night?
  113. Was he studying German last year?
  114. The phone rang while I was washing the dishes.

This sentence contains 29 words. It was not eating a strawberry, but it was eating a strawberry before. It was raining while I was listening to music. It was raining last week. It was raining yesterday afternoon. Jonathan was not talking anymore because she had a broken heart. Last night at 10 p.M., I was eating dinner.

My sister was studying her science exam all evening. She was always coming late for meeting. She was dancing when I saw my sister. She was drinking tea.

Sophia was looking for a cheap vacation. She was studying when I saw him. Sophia laughed at Steve’s jokes. The audience was boring because of Abels’ presentation. The ground was covered with snow, and it had been snowing heavy since early morning. The phone rang while I was bathing. “

The police chased the man while you were speaking. The singers weren’t singing. The students drew beautiful pictures when the teacher came into the class. The students didn’t eat their bananas. The sun shone every day that summer. They drank coffee when I arrived. They went to the movies last Saturday, and they were drinking tea when I left.

She was dancing with me. She was reading the book when they arrived. We were drinking tea. We were eating when our friends arrived. We were going to cinema yesterday. We were not doing homework. We were not going to swim, and we were not laughing.

The man’s wife was doing something else while he was out. She was probably watching television or playing video games. He wasn’t cooking the meal because she was making dinner. She didn’t cry when he laughed. She was listening to him but not watching television. She bought groceries.

When Michael was playing video games Richard was studying. While the fire started I was looking at television. When we arrived he was having an ice-cream. Which tea was he boiling? While I was sleeping, my dad fixed the car. While I was studying at university I met her. While Mary was sleeping I was baking a cake.

You were going. You were not doing that at this time. You were staying at home. You were studying chemistry all day. You were watching television last night, and you were watching television last night.

Past Continuous Tense | Affirmative Sentences

The bird was watching the rain. The girl was doing her homework. The boy was buying an umbrella. The girl was giving him some food. The boy was going to school. The girl was smelling something bad.

These people were busy working hard on something important. They were solving a real problem. They were talking in English and Spanish. They were taking John with them. Alisha was going to meet her mother. Natasha was meeting that beautiful man. They were trying their best. They were walking through the street.

Tom wore black pants. She laughed at him. He kept this secret. They kissed each other in the roof, but he didn’t invest in a real estate company because she was keeping this secret.

She was falling from the rooftop because she was smoking. She was hugging me so tightly because she was angry with me. She was forbidding me not to smoke because she was afraid of cancer. She was late for class because she was busy with me. She was falling from the top of the building because she was drunk.

Past Continuous Tense | Negative Sentences

In this sentence, there are three verbs describing what was happening when the event happened. These verbs are called copulas. A verb is a word used to describe an action or state of being. For example, he is a noun, and she is a pronoun. You use these words to talk about people, places, things, events, ideas, etc.

In this case, we need to know how many copulas are in each clause. We also need to know if any of them are adjectives. An adjective modifies a noun (like he), but it doesn’t tell you anything about the subject or object of the sentence.

A lot of people were talking about what happened during this trip. People were saying that they didn’t solve any problems or try their best to finish the project.

Tom wasn’t wearing black pants. She was laughing at me, I wasn’t laughing at the magician, they weren’t leaving me alone, I wasn’t learning Karate, John wasn’t keeping this hide, they weren’t kissing each other in the rooftop, he wasn’t investing in a real estate business.

The sentences above describe what happened during the day.

Past Continuous Tense | Interrogative Sentences

This was a very interesting story! You were able to tell us what happened in this story by using simple words. We hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as we did writing it.

The first sentence shows that this was an important event for the characters. The second sentence reveals that John speaks both languages. The third sentence shows that John is accompanying Tony. The fourth sentence indicates that Alisha is going to meet her mother. The fifth sentence states that Natasha is meeting a man. The sixth sentence shows that Tony is walking down the street.

Tom was wearing black pants. She was laughing at him. He was laughing at the magician. They were leaving him alone. He was learning Karate. John kept this hide. They were kissing each other in the rooftop. He was investing in a real estate business.

He was installing important software on his PC. She was ignoring him at all. She was hugging him too tightly. He was hating the moment with her. She was falling from the roof. She was forbidding him to smoke.

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I am watching TV right now. I am going to watch TV later. He is watching TV right now. She is watching TV right now (present continuous). We are watching TV right now. They are watching TV right now (past indefinite).

Examples of Past Continuous Tense

I was writing articles on different subjects. He was reading various types of books. They were having fun in that park. She was drinking tea in that café. He was studying in that college last year. We were going out for dinner in that restaurant last month. We were watching a film in that cinema last night.

You were shopping in that market, I was singing different kinds songs, especially modern. He was traveling around this world, I was listening to melodic songs last night. They were playing hockey last week on that field, he was writing a romantic poem, she was writing a realistic song.

Cricket matches are very popular in Bangladesh. People enjoy watching them. There are many different kinds of cricket games played in Bangladesh. My brother and I enjoyed listening to the songs sung by the singer. We went shopping together at the trade fair.

1) He was walking along the road when he saw the car coming towards him.

Examples of Past Continuous Tense Sentences

The rain was raining tonight. She wasn’t watching the movie. We were going to the library. He was doing a great job. I wasn’t writing a letter. Our television wasn’t working properly. We were celebrating a festival. The teacher was teaching in a class. The dog was barking a man. They weren’t studying English these days. Don’t was buying a new iPhone. She wasn’t coming to the party.

My dad was going to London. He wasn’t speaking English today. The sun was shining. I was doing well. He wasn’t watching a movie for two months. He was traveling by train.

Past Continuous Tense Examples

A child is asleep. Children are asleep. She is standing there. He is playing a video game. She is asking me to go there, she is standing on the terrace, he is sitting on the sofa.

The train was moving fast. I was cooking. My mother was washing clothes. My sister was washing dishes. I was driving when she called. At 8 o’clock, I was eating my dinner. I was reading an erotic novel. She was trying feeding the baby. I was listening to a classical music. I was playing football. “

All these sentences describe the same event. But each sentence tells us something different about the event. This is called a parallel construction.

Rainy days are always fun because we get to go out and play. We also get to stay inside and read books. When it rains, we get to sit under an umbrella or in the car. Sometimes, we even get to watch movies!

My mom made pizza for me. We were lifting up the box together. The dogs barked loudly last night. They asked me to play with them again.

She cut her finger while cooking. She was going shopping at nine o’clock. She made dinner when you arrived. He was walking when it was going downpour. She was learning English in those days. He was playing cricket on that field a week ago.

I am reading this article right now.

I have read this article before.

More Uses to Consider

I wonder if you could walk the dogs for me this evening.

She was wondering if you could watch the children after school today. We wanted to know if she could meet us at noon. He was wondering if he could open the door. She had been thinking about how she could help him.

Our neighbor’s daughter was always telling us funny jokes about her father. Grandma was always singing songs while making us breakfast. My husband talked about his friends from school. She took all my ideas. I worried if I would make the football team.

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